Instant messenger service that eventually grew to house all my other projects and services.


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Myu's Web Counter CGI | Start Date: 2022-03-16


GroovyExpress Gaming Service

Play on GroovyExpress servers for various games.

Jabber/XMPP Instant Messaging

Text, video, and audio call anyone with a Jabber/XMPP account.

Mumble Voice Chat

High quality audio and low latency voice chat.

Searx Search Engine

Search the web without ads or tracking.
Searx will eventually be phased out and replaced by Solar Search due to multiple engines blocking me.

Solar Search Engine

Independent search engine solely utilizing open source projects and aiming to be redistributable.
Still undergoing heavy development and not ready for day-to-day usage (keep using searx).



GNU/Linux distribution aiming for maximum stability and usability.

Everything Else:

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OpenBSD Banner

To OpenBSD developers for a damn good operating system.

Kodi Banner

To Team Kodi for a damn good Home Theater system.

ARG! Dancing Alphabet Banner

To ARG! Cartoon Animation studio for the dancing alphabet.