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Mumble Tutorial - Connecting to a server

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Mumble Tutorials:

Connecting to a server

Creating a private room

Sending images

Enabling the overlay and setting an avatar

Hide your OS information

Additional audio configuraiton

  1. Download and install the Mumble client from:
  2. Once installed, open it. You should be prompted to set up your microphone and generate a user certificate.

    (Windows Only) If it does not open due to a referral error, then uninstall Mumble and install the development snapshot.
    You can find them from the same page, you will just have to scroll to the bottom.

  3. After that you should see a screen like this:
    mumble server connect dialog

  4. Click the Add New... button and enter the following information:
    Username: your username of choice

    Note #1: Your username cannot contain spaces.
    Note #2: If you use a username that is already taken you won't be able to join.
    Note #3: If you have registered before and are joining from a different computer you will not be able to join.
    In order to join from a new computer you will have to click Configure on the tool bar and use Certificate Wizard...
    Here you can export the certificate from your old computer and import on your new computer.
    Alternatively you can just slightly change your name (ex. edshot -> edshotV2)

    You should have something that looks like this:

    mumble add server dialog

  5. Then click OK. Once added you should be able to connect. The image below shows this:
    mumble server connect dialog - server

  6. Then lastly, click and click Connect. Now you should be connected to the Mumble server.
    d-rine mumble server rooms

Room descriptions:

  • Root - Automatically created by the server. Everyone denied from joining.
  • Lobby - Room people get put in when they first join. Muted by default.
  • Floor #1 - Server Created Rooms
    • Public Room
    • Private Room
  • Floor #2 - User Created Rooms

If a room/channel requires a password to join, click Server on the toolbar and then Access Tokens...
Here you can click Add and enter the password.

mumble access tokens