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Mumble Tutorial - Sending images

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Connecting to a server

Creating a private room

Sending images

Enabling the overlay and setting an avatar

Hide your OS information

Additional audio configuraiton

  1. Right click the room/channel you wish to send the image to. Then click Send Message...
    You should see a window like this:
    mumble send message dialog

  2. Click the photo icon and then choose an image. Maximum file size you can send is 10MB.
    example of image sent in mumble

    I'd recommend to avoid sending images through Mumble since you will typically have to keep scrolling back and forth to see the image.
    You can see this in the example image with the sent image being too large and there being a scrollbar.
    Lastly, if you have a file that has a low file size, but high resolution Mumble won't send it.