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Hide your OS information

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When you right click a user you can click Information...
This will usually show two important pieces of information:

  • the user's operating system
  • the user's public IP address
I don't like making user's public IP address's available to other user's.
To fix this, I modified the Mumble server (murmur) source code.
So every user connected to the D-RINE server will have localhost reported as their public IP address.
You can find the patch here.

But for a user's operating system information that is shown unless the user disables this with an option in settings.
Here is an image to give you an example of what this information window looks like:

edshot99 mumble user information

  1. Click Configure on the toolbar and then click Settings...
  2. Click the network section and check off Do not send OS information to Mumble servers and web servers
    mumble configuration - netwok section

  3. Then disconnect from the server and then reconnect.
    Now when you right click yourself and click Information... you should see something like this:
    edshot99 mumble user information no OS