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Connecting to a server - Android

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  1. Download and install the Mumble client from:

  2. Once installed, open it.
    You should see a screen prompting you to generate a certificate.
    Click Generate.
    mumble android app generate certificate

  3. Press the plus button and enter in the following information:
    Username: your username of choice

    Note #1: Your username cannot contain spaces.
    Note #2: If you use a username that is already taken you won't be able to join.
    Note #3: If you have registered before it is just best you slightly change your name (ex. edshot -> edshotV2) just so you can join on the go without hassle.

    You should have something that looks like this:

    mumble android app add favorite server

  4. Then click OK. Once added you should be able to connect.
    The image below shows this:
    mumble android app home screen / now with d-rine listed

  5. Then lastly, click
    Now you should be connected to the d-rine Mumble server.
    mumble android app d-rine mumble server rooms

    Note: There may be a warning box that says the app was unable to validate the server certificate.
    See this page for details on verifying the certificate (not doing so will compromise your security).

Room descriptions:

  • Root - Automatically created by the server. Everyone denied from joining.
  • Lobby - Room people get put in when they first join. Muted by default.
  • Floor #1 - Server Created Rooms
    • Public Room
    • Private Room
  • Floor #2 - User Created Rooms

If a room/channel requires a password to join, click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and then select Access Tokens.
Here you can enter in the password and select the plus button to add it.

mumble android app slide out menu
mumble android app access tokens