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Tool to make downloading and playing games from Steam without Steam easier.

"How does that work (Steam without Steam)?"
XSteam uses SteamCMD to download free games without an account or paid games with a Steam account.
Then XSteam will apply patches to the game to remove the Steam dependency, DRM, and other junk to be able to run without Steam.

"Why use XSteam? What's the point of doing that?"
The cold fact is that the age of going to a physical store and buying and owning a physical copy of a game is over.
The age of buying a digital copy of a game from a digital store and owning nothing is here...
...with the exception of Steam.

Thankfully with Steam you can still have access to a huge library of games and still be able to own it.
Simply buy a game, apply patches, and burn it to a DVD and voila!
You own the game and can easily install it to any computer just like before!

Compare this to other stores (or systems) such as the Playstation 4/5 or Xbox 360/One where backing up your games and owning it is made almost impossible.
When you do manage to crack the system the problem becomes if your system dies since most of the time cracking the system depends on the model (and version) of the system (with these newer systems).
In a situation where you do manage to get your system cracked and not worry about the system failing, you're pretty much tied down.

Compare this back to Steam (or XSteam) where you can install your game on any computer as long as it runs Windows or GNU/Linux.
I think it is quite clear now why Steam is the exception to the 'not owning anything' statement.

"What about older systems? Can't you own games with those systems?"
Yes, but newer games aren't going to be available on those systems.
Besides there exists a lot of tools on how to backup your games with those systems, so no need to make my own.
I do plan to write a guide about this subject so feel free to check here if you're interested.

"What about online games? How will I be able to play online without Steam?"
This depends greatly on the game. For now I will only support what I call, "good" online games.
Good online games refers to games that can be played on a LAN/WAN network with the game itself or a dedicated server.
Examples of good online games are typically Valve GoldSrc or Source based games such as: Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, and Sven Co-op
Bad online games refers to games that cannot be played on a LAN/WAN network with the game itself and do not provide dedicated server software.
Examples of bad online games are typically new such as: Genshin Impact, Rust, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Anyways, in order to play online you just have to patch the dedicated server software and then you should be able to connect.
For games that use a lobby system, I won't be able to support it just yet since this requires a bit more work and testing.

"Where's the download?"
Unfortunately i'm not done programming XSteam and I don't think I will be done anytime soon.
Nevertheless, it is still possible to play without Steam. It is just tedious to so since you have to do everything manually.
I am currently supporting the games Codename CURE and Sven Co-op for being able to played without Steam.

So, I will be making a video on how to download and install these games manually and connecting to my WOS (With Out Steam) servers.