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Latest Oracle Linux Version Supported: 9.3

D-RINE GNU/Linux aims to provide the most usable GNU/Linux experience for the common masses.
This is achieved by doing the following:

Despite my work, D-RINE GNU/Linux is still far from perfect!
The most notable problems are limited driver support, GPU performance issues, and limited Windows compatibility.
Oracle Linux also contains a EULA that states you have access to the source code under GPL and related licenses and cannot use their name.

One Year Of D-RINE GNU/Linux (aka Oracle Linux Desktop) - 2023-12-07
Hi all.
So it's been about a year of D-RINE GNU/Linux and I thought i'd give an update on how things have been throughout the year.

So D-RINE GNU/Linux started from Oracle Linux version 9.0 and every version jump (9.1, 9,2, 9,3, etc.) caused some minor or major problems.
This is mostly because of how some of my packages can get replaced by upstream packages since I don't typically rush to update packages.
To make sure people don't have problems with updating I put a counter at the top of the page to know when to avoid major system updates.

However with version 9.3 things have drastically changed.
To begin Red Hat had made their source tree private so Oracle Linux is no longer RHEL compatible starting with version 9.3.
No problem for me for RHEL compatibility, but this also means Oracle has to do development themselves which I knew would cause some changes and problems for me.
So problems came.

Starting with version 9.3 there are two different Qt5 versions. One version for the stable repository and one for the development repository.
Since all KDE packages are obtained from the development repository this causes library version collisions and thus attempting to install or update D-RINE GNU/Linux fails with a ton of yum errors.
So anyone wanting to update can use the command yum update --nobest and can continue on like normal.
As for people wanting to install, it will be broken and you would have to do a manual install (installing Workspace group then switching later).

I have opted to wait for version 9.4 and hope that the Qt5 libraries are no longer split so this problem reverts itself.
I have also noticed more packages that I shipped can now be found in official Oracle repositories so I removed them from my own repository.

~ Ed (ed@i2pmail.org)