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Connecting to the Server on iOS | Connecting to the Server on Android

1. Download and install the Mumble client from: Apple App Store

2. Once installed, open it. You should see a screen like this:

Mumble Home Screen

3. You can then press Public Servers and then find the Untied States region and then easily search for 'groovy' and find the GroovyExpress Mumble server:

Mumble Public Server List - GroovyExpress result

However, there may be times when the public server list will not list GroovyExpress.
In this case you can click the Favourite Servers... button from the home screen and then the + in the top right corner.

Mumble Favorite Servers

Enter as the server address and a username that is not already taken and registered.

Note: If you have registered before and have not exported or imported your certificate when switching devices you will not be able to use your registered name.
Hint: Try and use iTunes or iCloud to manage your app's documents (in this case Mumble).

Mumble New Favorite Server

4. At this point you should be able to select either 'GroovyExpress Mumble Server' or '' and press the Connect button.
Once connected you should see the the room list.

GroovyExpress Mumble Server Room List

If a room requires a password to join, click the three lines in the top right and then press Access Tokens...

Here you can click the + in the top right and enter the password.

GroovyExpress Mumble Server Room List - With Menu
Mumble Access Tokens