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1. Download and install the Mumble client from:

2. Once installed, open it. You should be prompted to set up your microphone and generate a user certificate.

After that you should see a screen like this:

Mumble Server Connect

You can then easily search for 'groovy' and find the GroovyExpress Mumble server:

Mumble Server Connect - GroovyExpress Result

However, there may be times when the public server list will not list GroovyExpress. In this case you can click the Add New... button.

Mumble Add Server

The new add server dialog will look like there is text already entered, but that is just how it looks.
Ignore this fact and enter as the server address and a username that is not already taken and registered.

Note: If you have registered before and have not exported or imported your certificate when switching computers you will not be able to use your registered name.
Hint: Use the Configure option from the toolbar and select Certificate Wizard... on your old and new computer to handle this problem.

Mumble Add Server - Information Filled

You should now have something that looks like this:

Mumble Server Connect - Entry

3. At this point you should be able to select either 'GroovyExpress Mumble Server' or '' and select the Connect button.
Once connected you should see the message of the day and the room list.

GroovyExpress Mumble Server Room List

If a room requires a password to join, click Server on the toolbar and then Access Tokens...

Here you can click Add and enter the password.

Mumble Access Tokens